LAN toolbox


Laboratory of Analysis in Neurosciences (LAN) is a Matlab toolbox for neuroscientist data (EEG and reaction time for the time being).The aim of this proyect is to create a shared lenguage among differents algorithms and softwares in the field (e.g. Fieldtrip, Eeglab, Chronux, Brainstorm, etc), in order to facilitate the implementation of experimental analysis by the users. The project is still in development phase. In the current version seven different modules have been implemented:

  1. The first (basic module) includes essential system functions.
  2. The segmetation module includes tools to import data and segmentation.
  3. The preprocessing module detects gross artifacts and interpolates channels. It has a GUI for visual exploration.
  4. ERP module includes non-parametric stattistics, cluster-based permuation, and a GUI to explore the data.
  5. Time-frequency module includes all classics time-frequency methods (Fouier windows, Hilberts, Multi-taper, Wavelets), non-parametric statistic, and a GUI to explore the data.
  6. Netwok module includes basic functions of synchrony and network analysis (in developing)
  7. The statistical module includes the basic functions used in ERP and frequency analysis.
  8. Finally, the module of models and reaction-time is being implemented to performe more complex analysis between behavioral and electrophisiological data (this module requires R software )

last version LAN toolbox

loboratry of analysis in neurosciencie